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North Egremont, MA Roof Replacement IKO Dynasty Glacier Shingles

North Egremont, MA Roof Replacement IKO Dynasty Glacier Shingles

Before After
North Egremont, MA Roof Replacement IKO Dynasty Glacier Shingles North Egremont, MA Roof Replacement IKO Dynasty Glacier Shingles

Valleys become rivers in heavy rain and accumulate snow and ice in the winter. Our crew does valleys right. A fully adhered membrane is used to line the valley decks. A "California Cut" shingle pattern is used. These homeowners were excited to have a reliable and leak-free roof on their house.

Klaus Total Roof Replacement with IKO Castle Grey Dynasty Shingles

Klaus Total Roof Replacement with IKO Castle Grey Dynasty Shingles

Before After
Klaus Total Roof Replacement with IKO Castle Grey Dynasty Shingles Klaus Total Roof Replacement with IKO Castle Grey Dynasty Shingles

These homeowners contacted us about their roof and skylight problem! Our sales estimators took their time to make sure they got the best skylight and roof at a reasonable price! Now they get to enjoy their time in a leak free house!

Pittsfield, MA Roof Replacement IKO Granite Black Dynasty Shingles

Pittsfield, MA Roof Replacement IKO Granite Black Dynasty Shingles

Before After
Pittsfield, MA Roof Replacement IKO Granite Black Dynasty Shingles Pittsfield, MA Roof Replacement IKO Granite Black Dynasty Shingles

These homeowners in Pittsfield, MA contacted us to do a full roof replacement on their outdated roof. Our crew worked diligently to remove the old shingles and replace the old plywood with new CDX plywood. The results speak for themselves!

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Best of The Berkshires Roofer 2022
"Best of the Berkshires" is an award that is voted on by clients, prospective customers, and community members. We are... [Read more]
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Trusted Roofing & Gutter Services in Berkshire County, MA

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Trusted roofing professionals in Berkshire, MA

Your roof plays a major role in the look, feel, and value of your home. So you wouldn't want to trust your next roofing project with just anyone. Klaus Roofing Systems by J Smegal has been improving Berkshire County homes since 2010, only providing the best service, materials, and solutions from start to finish. Plus, we commit ourselves to The Klaus Roofing Way, which guarantees reliable property protection.

We are a family-owned roofing company with licensed, highly-trained staff ready to help with all of your roofing needs. Schedule a free estimate on any of our roofing services to learn more. We proudly serve Berkshire, MA and areas nearby.

Expert roof replacement services

Is your home's roof damaged beyond repair, too old, or needs an upgrade? Klaus Roofing Systems by J Smegal can help! We understand that installing a high-quality, beautiful, and durable roof requires more than just a new layer of shingles. That is why reinforce the roofing system at every layer. This creates roofs that are as strong as they are beautiful!

Our roof replacement process:

  1. Seal: First we install a moisture-proof barrier beneath shingles designed to block water before it can enter the home. This will prevent water damage, mold, and wood rot.
  2. Defend: After, we install interlocking asphalt shingles durable enough to defend against severe storms, wind, hail, and more.
  3. Breathe: Lastly, we assure the attic maintains healthy temperatures with ridge vents and other types of roof ventilation.

Not sure whether your home needs a roof replacement or repair? Klaus Roofing Systems by J Smegal also provides thorough roof inspections, where we examine the entire system and make service recommendations based on your home's needs.

Schedule a free roof replacement estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Berkshire, MA and areas nearby.

We repair roof leaks, damaged flashing, & more

The roof plays an important role in maintaining a beautiful, secure, and valuable home. So if your roof leaks, has ventilation issues, or other roofing issues, then this can end up causing harm to the entire property. Roof problems can eventually lead to interior water damage, pest infestations, high energy bills, and more.

But there is no reason to worry – Klaus Roofing Systems by J Smegal provides quick and efficient roof repair services. So whether your roof needs routine maintenance or severe storm damage repairs, we are ready to help.

Our roof repair services:

  • Hail damage repair
  • Storm damage repair
  • Ice dam removal
  • Roof leak repair
  • Emergency roof repair
  • Damaged flashing repair
  • Roof ventilation
  • And more!

Schedule a free roof repair estimate to learn more. We serve Berkshire, MA homeowners and areas nearby.

We offer free roof repair & replacement estimates

Interested in improving the look, feel, and value of your home? Klaus Roofing Systems by J Smegal can help with our reliable roofing services. We have are a family-operated roofing company that has been improving Berkshire County homes since 2010. Our staff is fully licensed, highly trained, and comes equipped with generations of experience.

Schedule a free service estimate to learn more. We offer roof repairs, roof replacements, and roof inspections to Berkshire, MA homeowners and areas nearby.

Gutter Systems & Gutter Guards in Berkshire County

The right gutter system can protect your home from water damage and improve curb appeal. Gutters and downspouts catch water and carry it away from the house. Protecting the gutters with gutter guards can keep out leaves and other debris that can cause gutters to clog.

Klaus Roofing Systems by J Smegal installs the proven gutter shutter system with seamless gutters, downspouts, and gutter guards to help keep water flowing away from your foundation and home. Professional installation ensures that your gutters and downspouts are installed correctly and will provide long-lasting protection.

Job Stories From Berkshire County, MA
Gutter estimate turned into a full roof replacement!

J Smegal Contracting specializes in more than just roofs, we have a whole department with everything gutters. Ryan called in and originally wanted just a gutter estimate. After talking with our Gutter Division Manager, she set him up with one of our amazing estimators. He had an issue regarding the amount of ice build up and how it was starting to pull the gutters away from the roof.


Our estimator, Jake, went out to look over Ryan's gutters and noticed that certain parts of the roof were loosing heat. With all the knowledge he had gained in his extensive training with Klaus Roofing System, he realized that there was a bigger issue. The roofing system was starting to fail. He informed the homeowner of his findings and gave them a gutter and roof estimate. Ryan was relieved to know that this would help the ice build up for the harsh winters we have and signed the paperwork.


The office staff processed the signed documentation, applied for the permit, and scheduled the job. We ordered IKO Dynasty shingles and the rest of the materials needed for the job. Our crew worked hard to ensure a successful installation. Ryan was pleased with all the work that was done.

Gutter estimate turned into a full roof replacement! - Photo 1
There is no such thing as a quick fix!

Ann noticed several water marks on her interior walls. She had called in a handyman to try to seal up the areas that they thought water would be leaking through, but it didn't seem to work. After talking with a neighbor and a friend she trusted, she found J Smegal Contracting and thought it wouldn't hurt to get a professional opinion.


Shortly after giving them a call, an inspection was made with Bruce. Bruce determined that where the roof met the side of the house wasn't installed properly so the water wasn't flowing right. Bruce decide the best plan of action with to re-shingle those sections and add ice and water shield closer to the home. In having the ice and water shield closer to the wall it will help protect her home from wind, water and ice.


Ann is now excited and relieved to have no more water coming into her house. 

Leak free roof!

Amanda noticed some water marks on her ceiling and realized is was quickly getting worse. After seeing the J Smegal Contracting trucks at a neighbors house she thought they would be a good fit. 


After giving the office a call, Tom was then sent out to evaluate what was going on with her roof. He determined that her roofing system was failing and that she needed a new roof. The office sent out their technicians to tarp the roof to ensure there wouldn't be any more damage done to her interior prior to the installation. 


Rob, the foreman for her installation, started ripping up the roof with his crew and found rotted plywood which they replaced with 1/2 inch CDX plywood. To make sure the roof was water tight they applied Ice and Water Shield and Synthetic Vapor Barrier. 


Amanda is now excited and grateful to have a leak free roof!

Emergency Roof Replacement

Paul, a second homeowner, came back to the Berkshires after spending the winter in Florida. He walked into his summer home and noticed a major leak in the living room. After doing some research online he found J Smegal Contracting and noticed they were voted "Best of the Berkshires"! 


Once he called the office they sent Jake, a representative, out the very next day to asses the damage. Jake got on the roof and quickly realized shingles were missing, there were a couple soft spots on the roof, and that there wasn't any ice and water shield installed on the original roof. Jake then made a call to the office to tarp the roof so no more damage would be done to the inside of Paul's house.


The crew got right to work 2 weeks later and installed 1/2 inch cdx plywood, ice and water shield, and a synthetic vapor barrier to make the roof water tight! They then installed IKO Dynasty Atlantic Blue shingles. Paul is happy and will never worry about coming home to a water damaged home again!

Camp super roofs!

We are heading into the summer here in the Berkshires which means summer camp season. Joe B , a maintenance director, started to open up his camp and realized several major leaks. After talking with the local lumber yard he heard of J Smegal and thought they would be a good fit.

Shortly after giving them a call and appointment was set for Eric to go out and assess the roof. He found rotted plywood and no insulation. He decided the best plan was to install a super roof which entails 3 layers of 2 inch ISO boards in between 2 layers of 1/2 inch CDX plywood. This will kelp keep the heat in a lot more and give it an extra layer of protection.

Joe was very pleased and has no water coming through the roof. The campers can remain dry and warm all summer long!


Update Air BnB

Lauren had 3 Air BnBs with the same roof. They are old wood shingles that were starting to deteriorate and fall off the roof. She wanted to make sure that it wouldn't lead to bigger problems or leaking. After talking to neighbors and friends she heard about Klaus by J Smegal.


Shortly after giving them a call Jimbo was sent out to do an assessment. Jimbo decided that she should get a Klaus Roofing System installed on all three houses in order to avoid potential damage to the interior. After Velora One, a non-absorbent synthetic underlayment, and SealoronXT, Ice and water shield, was applied everything was water tight and ready for IKO Dynasty shingles to be installed.


Lauren is now excited for her Air BnBs to be back in business with no leaks in sight!

Restoring History

Paul, a caretaker, called us after finding 2 major leaks in the main home on the property. Because the houses are old historic homes he knew things needed to be fixed as soon as possible before the leaking got worse. He had hear the radio ads for J Smegal and decided to give them a call.


Soon after calling Tom came out to assess the roof and found that their current system was so old it was time for a new one. In being a historic property J Smegal had to work very carefully to apply VeloraOne, SealoronXT, and IKO Dynasty Shingles.


Paul and his employers were so happy with the installation and now have a water tight roof overhead!

Gutter Shutter System Installation

Stephanie had overflowing gutters ever since spring has sprung. Thinking that they just needed to be cleaned out she called Gutter Shutter by J Smegal.


Shortly after she called Rich went out to clean her gutters. Rich noticed part of her system was bent and that there was a lot of tree debris in her gutters. He recommended a complete system replacement. 


The Gutter Shutter crew came out and installed a system with perforated hoods which will keep ALL debris out! An added bonus was the recommendation of installing a downspout in a different location to divert the water away from her foundation! She is happy with her system and excited to see the water flowing properly away from her home.

Extreme Rain

Troy walked into his basement to do laundry and instead found a basement sized swimming pool. After getting the water out of his basement he checked for a crack in his foundation and found none. What he did find was water coming in through a window. He decided to go online to look for answers. 


After reading an article about how gutters can prevent basement flooding he though it was best to call a professional, Gutter Shutter by J Smegal. They sent Jimbo out to do an assessment on the water flowing off his roof. He told Troy that a full Gutter Shutter System installation was needed.


Once the system and downspouts were full installed he had no issues!

Re-roof a two year old roof?!

Rose had a 20 year old roof that was starting to leak. She called a 3 different roofers to get a price and J Smegal was one of them. After seeing all of the prices she went with the lower price and a different roofer. She called them to schedule the installation, but 5 months after it was completely installed she started having severe water damage.


After not being able to get in contact with her roofer she decided to call J Smegal. Jake, her estimator, went out to take a look and found a serious problem. There was no water protection applied to her roof. The shingles were nailed directly to the plywood on her home. Jake recommended a total roof replacement and she agreed. 


The new roof was installed after the permit was obtained and Jake stopped by the job site to ensure customer satisfaction! 


Rose was so happy to have a leak free and livable roof back over her head again!

New roof for a new addition!

Karin called us after deciding to expand her home for the new addition to her family. After her phone call she emailed jake the blueprints.


Jake gave here her an estimate in person to explain the importance of the Klaus Roofing System we would be applying to protect her home. Ice and water shield, synthetic underlayment, deck tape, plywood, flashing, and IKO dynasty shingles with keep it water tight for her baby to sleep soundly.


Karin decided that J Smegal would be the best roofers to install the roof! After the installation she is happy to report she is now able to prepare for the new addition with no worries!

Shingles applied in the wrong location.

Bill walked out to his sunroom and realized that there was water coming through. After talking to neighbors he decided to call J Smegal.


After his call Bruce, an estimator, came out within the day to take a look at the roof. Upon inspection he realized that it was a low slope roof which needs a different material. Bruce recommended a porch roof replacement using Polyglass Elastoflex base and cap sheet. This material is specifically designed for low slope roofs.


After J Smegal installed the roof he was excited to deliver the news about having a leak free roof to their office!

Soft spot problem.

During Thomas' spring clean up of his yard he looked up at his roof and realized that the roof was curving in certain spots. He was concerned and took to the internet for answers.


After finding a blog post J Smegal wrote about knowing when it's time for a new roof he decided that they would be the best people to call. Jimbo, one of their sales team, came out to take a look within the week. He found soft spots on the roof and realized that Thomas needed a total Klaus Roofing System installation.


After understanding what was going on and that his decking needed replacing, Thomas signed a contract with J Smegal to get his roof replaced. 


The J Smegal crew applied new plywood to the soft section and placed that looked rotted. Then they applied ice and water, synthetic underlayment, and shingles to make sure he wouldn't have this problem again.


Thomas is now happy with a leak free roof!

Decisions Decisions!

Todd and his wife knew that the price of roofing materials were going to continue to go up and also that they needed a new roof. After hearing an ad on the radio about the Klaus Roofing System Installation they decided to call J Smegal Contracting.


Todd called the J Smegal office and explain that he was deciding between a metal roof and a shingle roof. Eric, a J Smegal rep, then went out to measure the roof and explained the benefits to each roof.


Todd decided to go with the full Klaus Roofing System replacement! The crew came out and tore off his roof to find plywood that needed replacing. After plywood was replaced they applied deck tape, synthetic underlayment, and ice & water shield to make sure everything was water tight! 


Todd was happy with his roof installation and even decided to call J Smegal for gutters too!

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