Helpful tips to Install your Holiday Roofing Decoration

Helpful tips to Install your Holiday Roofing Decoration - Image 1


Lets not be a Clark Griswold this holiday! Here are some helpful tips and tricks to get your
decorations up WITHOUT damaging the roof and yourself!

1. Say no to nails!
Try to avoid ANYTHING that will create even the smallest hole in your roof! These wholes
can potentially cause access for water. Instead try using plastic gutter clips.
2. Inflatables
I know that having a giant frosty on the roof would be unique and fun, but if high winds
were to take frosty away it would potentially damage your roof.
3. You’re not Santa so use a ladder!
I know it seems easier to walk along the roof and put the lights on your roof line, but its
EXTREMELY dangerous. Grab an extension ladder and make sure its set up safely.
4. Turn on the lights!
Make sure everything is properly plugged in! Outdoor lights require high voltage try using
the correct outdoor bulbs. If you have any questions on fire safety call your local fire
5. Outlets
Make sure you have GFI rated outlets!

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