Roof it of repair it!

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A roof is the best defense against mother natures, but what happens when you start to notice something is wrong?

First off DON’T PANICK!

Here are some things that help us determine the difference between a repair and needing a new roof.
How old is your roof?
Asphalt roofing systems typically last 20-30 years, if installed correctly. Any roof you are having problems with over 20 years we recommend getting an estimate.
Do you have any leaks? (If so how many?)
If you have multiple leaks it means that something might be wrong with your roofing system. If you repair those leaks the water will find another way in which means its time for a new roof.
If you have one leak and the roof is under 20 years then you would qualify for a repair.
How many layers do you have on it?
The State of Massachusetts roofing code doesn’t allow anything over 2 layers of shingles. If you have more the weight of the shingles could potentially cause structural damage. Here at J Smegal we NEVER recommend or put another layer of shingles over an existing layer.
Anything over 1 layer we will NOT repair.
Do you have any missing shingles?
Yes? Then that would be considered a repair. Just give us a call with the color of your roof and we will send our certified technicians out to put a shingle on.
If you are questioning the state of your roof and need an estimate give us a call!

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