How to know you need a new roof!

Wednesday, June 8th, 2022 by Coby Porter

How to know you need a new roof! - Image 1
It's a hard job making the call to get a new roof and it can be an unexpected expense. Don't worry we are here to help! Here are some things to look for to help!
1) Check for signs of leaking. Signs can consist of and aren't limited to: actual water coming through the ceiling or down the side of your interior walls, water dripping down the chimney area, or brown marks on your ceiling. These are some of the most obvious signs that it might be time for a new roof. A patch may work but water can travel along beams to a different area from where the leak originated.
2) Missing shingles! I know getting on your roof isn't the easiest thing to do but it is something you can do to be proactive. Shingles should lie flat against the roof so if you find patches that are damaged, cracked, or buckling then repairs might be in order. While you are on the roof check your gutters for shingle granules! When a roof is losing a lot of granules it may be at the end of its life.
3) If you have access to your attic, look at the decking. Is it black, are there water stains, or is it sagging? If you have any water stains mark them with a pencil and check on them later to see if they grow. If you don't have access go outside and look to see if the roof is sagging. If any of these things are happening you should think about getting an estimate for a new roof.
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