Fun Facts About Roofs

Thursday, March 24th, 2022 by Coby Porter

Fun Facts About Roofs - Image 1

Having a new roof installed is serious, but here are some fun facts about roofing. 
1)    Oldest roofing materials were….
Thatch, clay, and stone.
2)    Is it a good idea to cover an existing roof.
At the time it might seem like the easiest and cheaper way of going about protecting your home, but that’s not the actual case. A doubled layered system adds weight to your roof and just hides the corrosion on the first layer, this could also make the problems worse.
3)    Roofs need to breathe.
Yes, I know how that sounds but look it up! All roofs that are being installed should have proper ventilation. Having proper ventilation prevents ice damn and moisture build up, both of which can result in a bigger issue.
4)    Leaking on your ceiling doesn’t actually mean it is coming in from that point on your roof.
Water tends to travel before you can see visible signs of leaks. Sometimes water can travel up to 20 feet away from the area that’s the actual problem. If you are having issues with leaking you should call a roofing expert

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