Knowing what's on your home!

Tuesday, March 15th, 2022 by Coby Porter

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Think of Boston Crème Pie. No we aren’t giving you a recipe but this will help you understand things a little better! Now think of how many layers are in that: chocolate frosting, cake, vanilla filling, and cake! Ooops I forgot the cherry on top! Putting the proper layers on a roof is like making a perfect cake for a big day, except I wouldn’t recommend eating your roof. Ok now let’s talk about what layers go into installing your roof!


1) Sheathing

Most roofers prefer plywood because of its durability, but the sheathing is the foundation for your entire roof and is often said to be the most important part on your roof! Sheathing is attached to the joints and trusses on your roof, and they are the strongest support beams. This helps prevent bowing in your roof from heavy rain or snow!


2)    Ice and Water Shield

 Its main purpose is to protect your roof decking if any water or ice were to penetrate through. The state of Massachusetts requires any roof (by law) to have this.


3)    Deck Tape

 This is used to create another layer of protection by sealing where the sheathing connects. So it is water tight!


4)    Synthetic Underlayment

This is material that most roofers prefer to use due to its superior defense against moisture and water. Some roofers use felt that tends to absorb water. Once this is laid down and attached your roof will be watertight.


5)    Drip Edge and Rake Edge

Aluminum strip that protects the corners of your roof.


6)    Deck Tape

      AGAIN! Another layer of watertight protection. It also bonds the synthetic underlayment, drip and rake edge.


7)    Shingles

This is your first layer of defense! Asphalt shingles are by far the most affordable option for roofing and when you have a roofer that knows what they are doing they should last you 30-40 years (if properly maintained).



That concludes our recipe……


OH WAIT! I forgot the cherry on top!


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I’ll give you a hint, extra cake and filling!

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