Tis' the season for Ice Dams

Thursday, January 27th, 2022 by Coby Porter

Tis\' the season for Ice Dams - Image 1

As we enter blizzard and snow season, one thing to keep in mind is the build up of ice on your roof. What is the cause of this? Heat loss! As snow builds up in an area where you are losing heat, it melts. Then when it reaches freezing temperatures at night it ices over again. This can cause so much damage to your roof, your attic, your insulation, your siding, and the interior of your home.

What NOT to do!

Throw any type of chemical on your roof that will melt the snow. Chemicals are HIGHLY corrosive and can cause EXTREME DAMAGE!

What TO DO!

Temporary fixes:

  • Call a roofing professional to open channels of water to flow correctly off your roof
  • Call a certified electrician to install heat cables (double check with your roof installer that this wouldn’t void any warranties)
  • Rake your roof or call a certified roofing professional to rake your roof
  • Remove leaves from valleys and gutters

Permanent fixes:

Call an expert to determine where you are losing heat. They will diagnose the problem and come up with a permanent solution!

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